Monday, November 2, 2009

Umm it's not amazing, it's my job

So I get this every once in awhile. I like to hang out with Lauren every chance I get to get one on one time with her. We may just watch some tv or we may go fishing or sometimes we go to the movies or the park, but at any rate, I give Lauren my undivided attention for a few hours and she loves it! Some people hear that and tell me how amazing that is that I do that! I don't find it amazing at all, it is my job! It is a pleasant job and I love every minute of it, but that is what you are SUPPOSED to do! And I will tell you what that does for you as a parent. One of the things that irks me is that parents want to be their childs friend now a days and will not correct them when they need it. I am not that parent. Those parents are afraid the kid will get mad at them or something. Not me. I do all the correction she needs! And here is a shocker, she never gets mad at me. In fact, in almost all cases, she winds up in my lap loving on me within half and hour of me getting on to her or spanking her or whatever needed to be done. Kids like boundaries and rules. It gives them a sense of security to know what will happen and what is expected of them. Geez people, if you just invest your time in a child, they are a endless resource of love and happiness!

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