Friday, October 30, 2009

Isn't it strange?

So I was driving down the road the other day and just kinda started thinking, like I always do, and it dawned on me. Before I began dating and then married Kathy, I was a totally different person. Before Kathy and Lauren, I was not a holiday person. They were just days off work for me. I never participated in Halloween, I did like Thanksgiving, never decorated for Christmas, all these seemed like wastes of time to me. But, I remember, our very first Christmas in the house, I couldn't wait to do the yard ornaments! I am a very fortunate man in that my parents spoil me! Glenn used to decorate their house in the country and it was sooo gorgeous, but when they moved to town, they had too much stuff to put in their yard. So, I got the benefit of that and was able to decorate my lawn with stuff! But my favorite thing is that Kathy and I host Thanksgiving. I love to have everyone over, Kathy cooks up a big ol' meal, with the moms pitching in too ( not a meal without Momma's dressing and potato salad!).

But I have strayed from my point. I have changed so incredibly since the girls have come into my life. And I believe it is all for the better. I use to be a pretty selfish guy, most everything was about me. Having my girls, now I think mostly of them and how I can make their life better and easier. And I get the benefits of them spoiling me too! Just last night, I came home to a meal fit for a king that they had both cooked for me. As I sat and savored the 15 bean soup and mexican corn bread, it made me realize that this is what life is about. Yeah, I don't have the unfettered freedoms I used to when I was single ,but who the heck wants that! Not me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So close!

So I finally sat down the other day to work out my spring schedule for school. I got my degree plan out and started to fill in where all my classes were gonna be and it dawned on me. Once I am done with spring, I only need 5 classes to graduate! I could easily get that taken care of by taking 1 class in the summer and the last four in the fall! I became ecstatic at the thought of finishing my bachelors up! I think alot of my family and friends thought I was not nearly excited enough about my associates degree, and that may be true. But I promise you, when the time comes for me to walk that walk for my bachelors, excitement will not be an issue! I got a little giddy just thinking about it while typing!