Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just what I needed day

So I have been kinda caught up in the grind here lately. Between work, school, school work, and having a wonderful family, I have been kinda neglecting myself and my need for unwinding time. Not purposely, just haven't really had time. So yesterday, I was able to have one of those days. One of my gripes, is that I get couped up inside doing things all the time. I mean with the semester in it's last throes, the professors are trying to get all the stuff they said they would get done in at the very last and I of course have procrastinated on a paper so I have that on me, and I had a ton of filing at work that I have been too busy to get to because I have a ton of other work. So when Jason called and said they wanted to go out to Devil's Den State Park and invited us along, I was pretty excited. A day out was souding awfully good. So I got up early and got over to the office and finished the filing and lawn mowing fairly early and was able to get back for a shower and change so that we could head out and have a good time. And we did too! Just exactly what I needed, get outside, play and hike and have a good time with my wife and our good friends! The mood on the way home was so light and cheery. Kathy and I joked and laughed ( well we do that all the time, but it was even funnier and laughier than usual) and had a great time on the way back. We stopped at a little dive restaraunt on Main Street Vanburen and had dinner, then we came home and hung out till i passed out! Perfect day for Shane.

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