Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My college education

On the night before Halloween, my daughter's Brownie Troop had a lock in at a preschool one of the troop leaders own. During this lock in, one of the little girls named Hanna who is best friends with me, took all the letters out of the little put the letter back where they belong toys. Well she quickly lost interest, so I stayed behind to put them back in. While I am doing this, I am sitting on this cool rug that has the states on it in different colors and all named in big letters. So Kathy sees this and gets a picture, and cracks to everybody, look this is Shane's college education you hear about! Ok that was hilarious, I will give her. But now, after all that, I had to play with legos last night for one of my classes! It is for technical writing and we are on an assignment which is writing directions. Me and my partner built a helicopter and a landing pad, and now we have to write the direction down how to rebuild it. This should be fun!

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