Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back in School and Loving it?

Well that time has rolled around. I am back to school and as much enthusiasm as I had before school started, I may not have retained it all just yet. I am finishing out my first week tonight, and so far I see homework being an issue possibly this semester. I kinda let it get out of hand last spring and had a bad habit of waiting till right before things were due to work on them and that usually took up alot of weekends. I would come home and say "I just don't feel like doing homework, I wanna relax and unwind". The one thing I did do correctly I think is I always worked on my online class on the same day each week. I had gotten in trouble by forgetting to do a quiz or turn in an assignment in online classes before and I thought a little bit of organization would be the trick. I was right. This year I have downloaded Mozilla Sunbird on my laptop as my calendar with reminders and it is already showing it's helpfulness by keeping the next 14 days tasks in a spot at the top of the calendar. I now know that by Monday I have to take a quiz and submit an assignment in my online class.

Katherine has been great this week. I pampered her some the last month before school and kep the house picked up and not looking bad in anticipation of her having to do the housework. Not only has she picked the housework back up, but she is mowing too now! I hate to have her do it, but she does it when I ain't home so I can't protest.

One of the things I am grateful for this semester is there are no midday classes that will cut my hours down and likewise, keep me from getting my work done. It seemed I had an endless to do list all last semester and that shouldn't be the case. Not to mention this semester will be one where I can get 40 hours a week, instead of 32!!

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