Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2 Momentum

I am quite excited this evening! First, I got up and did the bike and upper body workout like I decided would be a good plan AGAIN this morning (thus the Day 2). I also kept my food intake low through out the day. I even cut my usual breakfast by skippin the bacon, saving it for weekends only, and only one piece of toast. I know everybody is poo poo-ing the fruit, but I am basically eating a ton healthier than before. If I am able to keep losing while eating oranges and bananas and grapes etc. then I am gonna go ahead for now. I know I haven't had a burger in like 2 weeks and I got a huge craving today! Anyway, to continue, Katherine and I also went for a walk after supper settled for the second day this week. I think we have both synced up on this weight loss thing and are taking it more seriously than in the past. Should prove to be beneficial since we both want to lose weight so bad.

Lauren's girl scout troop had an even yesterday and I have to admit, I love doing things with the troop. It is also great to have so many new friends from doing these things. Kathy and I got invited to go out with Amber to see her husbands band play one night and I think Penni and Wayne may wind up being some running buddies for us too! Kids are a great social networking tool! I have met some great people by going to Lauren's school and social functions. Add those to the already awesome group of friends I have and it just can't get much better!

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