Sunday, June 5, 2011

Putting yourself out there

I am not a wall flower. Not one bit. I am not scared to put myself out there and try to make new friends. I am slow to start, but tend to do ok once I get acquainted with people. Well, I rarely say this, but there is one friend I am starting think I am not going to be able to make. I like the guy well enough. He is fun to hang out with even though we have not spent a great deal of time hanging out. I get the notion we are a lot alike probably. Family men, spiritual, goal oriented. And at times we have both kinda put it out there that we should hang out, but it seems timing is an issue. I have been trying a little harder here lately. And there is a reason behind it. I think he is having a hard time in life right now, and I think God is telling me to be his friend, that he may need me. I am just not sure he is getting the same message. I have tried over the past couple of days to get him to come to our church softball game and when he said he was putting together a swing for his daughter, I offered to help. This was all done by text, and my offer to assist was ignored.  After thinking about it, it does seem to me that I have been ignored like that on more than one occasion. I am not sure that I need to keep pushing on this issue, so I am going to stand back and let God do what he does, make what is supposed to happen, happen! It is not my place to determine the proper course, it is my job to let Him guide me.

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