Monday, September 28, 2009

What a weekend!

This past weekend I have to admit was quite the whirlwind. But alot of great things came of it. The first being I am seeing my wife blossom and become such a great leader. She got a text from Lauren's cheerleading coach and it said she was ill and asked Katherine if she would take over for her Saturday. So seeing as how she knows each cheer by heart and had kinda already led them Thursday night, she gladly accepted. She did a great job. All those Girl Scout leadership classes are paying off! Plus she is pretty dang sexy when she is running stuff!

We came home from the football game and my gorgeous lovely wife proceeded to help me get the lawn taken care of. I did the riding mower stuff and she did the push mower stuff and we got done in record time! Which gave us time to get showered and go on our family date. It was great. Katherine had gotten entered in some drawing that coincided with a Rainbow vacuum demonstration and we got a gift certificate to Red Lobster for doing it. So we went and had what I would consider a top flight meal. After, we decided to go see the movie "Up". By far the best kids movie since Cars. I loved it and the day it comes out of DVD, I am buying it.

Then on Sunday, we had decided we were gonna go fishing. So we all got up and got breakfast and to my surprise, we were out of here by 11 to go fishing at Lake Fort Smith. We packed a lunch and our fishing poles and we were headed out. Lake Fort Smith day use area proved to not be the best spot for fishing, so we let Brook and Lauren play on the playground for a bit before heading out to Lee Creek to fulfill our fishing desires. By the time we got to Lee Creek, there were alot of other people that decided they wanted to fish too, so there were no spots. So we took of hiking on the nature trail that is out there. It was AWESOME! We had the biggest blast hiking down to a nice fresh water stream with the clearest, coolest water you have ever seen! We let the girls play in it for awhile and then noticed it was getting kinda late, so we headed back to the truck. We finally made it home around 5. Oh I almost forgot, we watched Wolverine, and it was awesome!

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