Friday, September 18, 2009

And it has begun.......

School has begun to get back into full swing and the homework is in abundance. I forgot about this part during my summer break. I have a ton to get done this weekend and I have vowed to lose my slacking attitude about get it done right before it is due. I am gonna devote at least 5 hours to getting things done this weekend! That's right, at least 5!

I am however gonna take tonight off from work and school and devote myself to some Kathy time. I think we are gonna go to the Crawford County Fair and see our friends Penny, Wayne and Maddie. Maddie has several rabbits and now a goat that she is showing at the fair. Then we may use our gift card for Red Lobster for a late dinner. All I know is I am hungry just thinking about it.

I have the best family support ever and sometimes I think I take it for granted. My Mom and Dad do so much for me it isn't funny. I have some issue with my F150 right now, so they are letting me use my old truck I gave them to get around, as usual . And Dad is gonna help me get the the problem fixed this weekend if we can. I think it is either a dry wheel bearing or a bad wheel bearing. We are gonna pull it apart and see. I sure appreciate having him around to help! Saves a ton of money! And I have a paper to do in Arkansas History, and I have the Crawford County ace historian just two doors down! I have decided to use John Drennen as my subject and Mom is gonna help me get some research together on him.

Kathy is so blossoming here lately. She has been attending the classes which will qualify her as a Girl Scout Leader! She absolutely shines in that role. I love the way she smiles when she is at an event for the girls or when she gets home from leading a meeting. It's like she was meant to be there doing the Girl Scout life.

Lauren has another activity she is just awesome at. She has taken up cheerleading and is so awesome! I knew she was peppy, but wow! and she knows all the cheers and all the moves that go with them after only two weeks!

Apart from the homework, my life is a blessing!

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