Saturday, February 20, 2010

And it is on!!

I decided the day after Christmas that I was gonna make the new decade be better than any other I had taken part in! So I basically asked God to help me out with something. I knew I had a problem with food, I knew I had been unable to handle it myself to date. So, I prayed real hard for the Lord to help me, to change my heart and mind and beat my food addiction. He has and I am so happy for it! I began by diversion when I wanted to eat for no reason. I would stop do 5 squats, and then I wouldn't want the food anymore. I eventually got so in shape that I decided to begin doing more squats and then I started working on walking at the track at lunch. All the while, I have began to eat less calories per day, thanks to my lovely wife Kathy, who has taken it all to heart and changed the way she cooks supper. We now eat alot of vegetables and healthy meats like chicken and the like. I am now 22 pounds lighter.

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