Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Brave New World

Hellow blog world. I was driving down the road the other day and suddenly I was sideswiped with the idea that I should start blogging. Not necessarily for the world, but for myself and if the world finds me and likes it, well that is ok too.

My name is Shane Griffin and I am a 36 year old man who just recently was able to find who he really wanted to be and I have now set out on a journey to get there, however long it takes. I married by beautiful wife Katherine in July of 07 and it has been nothing short of all I could ask for in a marriage. I also have the honor of being step parent to Lauren Doreen, a 7 year old sassy girl! She is a challenge and a blessing all rolled into one. Between my two girls, I can never have a bad outlook on life. If I am down when I get home, one of them always makes it ok within a short time.

I am also what is branded a non-traditional student. I started back to school in the spring semester of 07 and have not looked back. I was on fire for the first two years and took every class available to me and made straight A's excepting for one B which I won't get into at this time. I am fixing to graduate my Associates program in Paralegal Studies in May, then I move on for my Bachelors in Applied Science. I am actually fairly close to finishing my Bachelors already as I have been taking classes for it on the side when my paralegal classes are not available that semester. So in no more than a year and half I think, I should be done with that and heading to law school! That is my ultimate goal. I think that if I can get there ( and with the family an friends I have, I don't see me failing) my job working in a law firm paired with the tutelage I get from my attorneys will make me an exeptional law student and hopefully land me a in a good job after graduation. Truth is, I just want to work for the county prosecutors office in either Sebastian or Crawford County. I was a bail bondsman for a short time in my life and feel I owe society something.

Ok, I see no reason to give the whole story away on the first post, so I will close this out and for anybody who happens to visit, welcome and feel free to tell me I am great or that I suck!

By the by, the beautiful young lady you see me with in the picture, that is Lauren, my step daughter and one of the three most important women in my life.

and here is the most important woman in my life, Katherine by wife! She puts up with me no matter what and that is WAAAAY more than I ever got or gave to the ladies in my life before her.

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